Friedrich Nietzsche

"El Hombre a solas consigo mismo sólo tiene una vía de escape: la del peregrino que siempre se aleja un poco más del desierto de la realidad." F. Nietzsche.

"El hombre es un abismo, da vértigo mirar en él." Wozzeck

miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Such an imaginary world

Marked skin and an
Old turntable.
All the smash cigarrettes,
a  blind glance,
cause of the blurred memories.
A bad balance,
that's all it takes.
Losing your soul 
in a city bar.
Come and take your spirit
let it comes to life again.

Living in such an imaginary world
while it goes wild around.
Under a ginger sky
let it shine, let it be.
Cause it could be the last day on earth
Cause it could be the last day of the earth.

Maybe it's just the price that
dreamers have to pay.
Maybe the real world it's no more than
Let your imagination fly and you
will see a completely new world.
Light down the earth, cause we got the youth.

Mari Montero.

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